We are in favor of performing an exhaustive control on the fruit from its origin and, for that reason, we have decided to have our own production in those areas that allow us to obtain the best fruit quality.

For you to always have the flavor that you like the most, for the fruits and vegetables to be fresh and delicious, we, at Bollo, have opted for our own production. We currently have different agricultural lands located in geographic areas chosen by their climatic conditions and for the quality of their soil, to obtain an optimal development of fruit and vegetable varieties in the times of the year when the market demands them. We have our own farms in the entire Mediterranean arch, Castellón, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia and Andalucía. We work in our farms in Rio Grande do Norte and Senegal all the off-season harvest.

The company has a very important agricultural division, dedicated to the exploitation and management of our own plantations.

Brazil-Senegal, Key for the company

We are the only Spanish company that has invested in lands in Brazil and Senegal. We have 8000 Ha of the best producing zones in Rio Grande do Norte. We have exported our quality culture and our know-how and we are now a reference for the Toad Skin melon in the Spanish and European market.

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