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With almost 100 years’ experience, passion, innovation and tradition behind us, our job is to offer you the highest-quality fruit.

We are a family business dedicated to producing and marketing a wide range of fruits, with premium-quality citrus fruits and melons being one of our differentiating products. Our company dates back to 1922, when José Vercher Cuñat founded the family business. The company is still managed by the third generation of the Vercher family, with the fourth generation showing a lot of promise! Our employees and customers are an extension of our family and friends, and it is thanks to this complicity that we have managed to grow without losing sight of our principles.



To offer people from all over the world the very best fruit with the very best service, all year round.ervicio.


To be THE brand of fruit.


As a family-run business, we have worked since 1922 on the following values:


With consumers, producers and our employees.


We fulfil all our commitments.


We offer solutions to market needs.


We are constantly improving our working tools and technique. constantly our working tools and technique.


Innovation and quality

An amazing team behind each operation, focused on obtaining the best flavour, texture, colour and excellent overall level of satisfaction, never losing sight of tradition, to offer you fruit of exceptional quality. Our ongoing R&D is part of our brand culture, and we have one of the best fruit production teams in the world dedicated to this task. A team that specialises in agricultural engineering and R&D&I, made up of professionals with extensive experience in traditional farming, with the aim of growing the best fruit on the market and meeting new needs.

From the start of cultivation, to the final preparation and transport, we can trace the entire process, undergoing exhaustive quality inspections to verify everything is up to par in every stage. Our Bollo quality is one of our hallmarks, making us a benchmark company in the marketing of fruit, both nationally and internationally. Our constant annual renewal of leading agri-food certifications is evidence of this.

We have the BRC, IFS and ISO 9001: 2000 quality certifications in all our centres and the Global Gap certification in our crops, because, by complying with its application, we improve our production system, quality and service for all our customers.

We are committed to nature

We want to care for and protect nature, which offers us so much, with a sustainable production and business model, thus contributing to a circular economy and Zero Waste.

We reduce plastic

We have reduced the use of plastic in all our products to reduce its impact, and also opted for new materials that contribute to sustainability.

We contribute to the circular economy with our packaging

  1. We use new materials including wood and jute, as a replacement for plastic in all our new packaging designs, with the aim of achieving Zero Waste.

Our farms are
Global GAP certified

With the commitment to guarantee a sustainable and responsible agriculture and an adequate use of water resources, our farms are certified with the Global GAP standards for good agricultural practices.

We use certified renewable energy

Since the beginning of 2020, the electric power contracted at our main headquarters in Benifairó and part of our own energy is 100% renewable.

We preserve the biodiversity of our farms

  • We use natural pollinators.
  • We use natural enemies in our research to battle pests.
  • We use the best farming techniques, always thinking about sustainability and circular economy.

We support a healthy work environment

Smoke-free space. Cardboard cups have replaced plastic cups. Environmental resources.

We continue to invest in a sustainable plan for the future

We have a team committed to the environment, constantly researching and developing new techniques and improvements across all departments, with the aim of being 100% sustainable.

Line of organic products

The Bolli Bio range, created in 2011, offers 100% organic and BIO products to comply with both market demand and social values, as well as being fair to the environment.
We offer a range of BIO fruits, including citrus fruits such as lemons, mandarins, oranges, and grapefruits, and other fruits such as peaches, nectarines, plums and donut peaches, as well as certain vegetables.

Optimised use of water, fertilisers and pesticides

We continue to invest and study how to optimise the use of water and the replacement of fertilisers and pesticides for ones made from natural ingredients. In addition, we have entered into partnerships with different companies specialising in research and innovation in order to fulfil our eco-goals.


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