A new member in the Bollo Fruits family! Crisp texture and an extra-sweet flavour. Its green stripes are its distinguishing factor and its small size makes it very versatile when it comes to getting through it quickly, perfect for new family models, to enjoy as snack or lunch, on a day out or at home.



The sweetheart white melon is an exotic extra-sweet variety thanks to its high Brix rating. We have supported this variety since we first tasted it, delighted as we were by its overall exquisiteness. It is the result of an intense research process and constant testing to achieve a melon in which an amazing flavour and small size prevail —parameters that we have extracted from different market studies that analyse current customer demands.

Ripeness calendar

Due to its texture, color, flavor and level of general satisfaction, it has been the consumer who has made it a staple among the stands of the most exclusive markets and greengrocers, granting it this 2021 and 2024 the prestigious seal “Sabor de año” in Spain, and “Saveur de l’année” for the first time in France .

Nutritional values and health benefits

The sweetheart white melon, also known as Sweet Snowball melon, has great nutritional value and health benefits due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, being very similar to those of the toad skin and yellow melon varieties.

Discover delicious ways to enjoy our sweetheart melon

Like toad skin melon, sweetheath bun melon skin offers us multiple and refreshing ways to taste it, both natural, fresh or in savory recipes such as tacos and salads or sweets such as melon smoothies, melon flan or cakes. Get to know different recipes made with melon in our recipes section: 

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