Piel de sapo melon

One of the most highly appreciated fruits for its amazing sweet flavour, crisp texture and excellent-quality flesh with pulp brimming with sweetness. Perfect for eating cold in summer or room temperature in winter, its versatility in the kitchen also makes it a top fruit for many recipes such as salads, fruit salads, cakes...

Piel de sapo melon

Piel de sapo melon

More than 100 years’ experience growing this variety has made us a benchmark brand among consumers. Known for its high quality, it has been granted the “flavour of the year” seal for the 8th consecutive year in Spain and for the first time in France, a unique seal, based exclusively on the opinion of consumers. Consumers who reward its flavour, sweetness, smell, texture, appearance and of course, satisfaction. ⁣ “Bollo Melons, The good ones”, with this slogan, and our quality and tradition, we have become a benchmark producer among leading quality supermarket stores and fruit shops.

We serve melons 365 days a year, which makes us the only company in the sector that offers piel de sapo melons all year round. We are the only company that supplies piel de sapo melons every day of the year, because our farms allow us to participate in all seasonal campaigns. That’s the reason leading seed-producing companies trust us, because we are a benchmark company in the sector.

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Nutritional values and health benefits

Melon is a low-calorie food, providing around 55 calories and 12 grams of carbohydrates. Despite not being a fruit with a high fibre content, it does provide a large amount of vitamins, which are essential during the summer season, which is when it is most consumed. piel de sapo melon is high in Vitamin C

A vitamin that helps the body fight infections, therefore its consumption is highly recommended. In addition, it helps in the formation of bones, teeth and red blood cells due to the amount of calcium it contains.

It also contains minerals such as phosphorus, an essential mineral for the growth and repair of body cells, which is why it is important to provide the body with a sufficient daily intake of phosphorus. piel de sapo melon contains 17 mg of phosphorus per 100-gram serving, which makes it the perfect choice to nourish the human body, especially for people who suffer from anaemia or have a weak immune system.

Due to its high water content, piel de sapo melon is also a diuretic. Furthermore, thanks to the large amount of water it contains, it also has a satiating effect on appetite.

There are 55 calories in 100 grams of melon, which is a very small amount, comparable to that contained in a glass of skimmed milk. Which makes it the perfect fruit for a sweet moment, while looking after our health. And if it’s Bollo, you know the flavour is going to be EXCEPTIONAL.

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