The yellow melon, also known as the canary melon, is characterised by its high Brix rating, being one of the sweetest on the market. Its fleshy and crisp texture, as well as its medium size, make it the perfect option if you don’t want to carry a lot of weight.



Like the toad skin and the Sweetheart white melon varieties, the yellow melon also contains 90% water, carbohydrates (saccharose and sucrose), and few calories and little fibre, and is therefore, recommended for weight loss and to load up on vitamins and minerals.

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With the yellow Melon, aside from preparing fruit salads, or simply eating it on its own like any other fruit, it can also be used in countless recipes or even as a starter, like the well-known dish of melon with cured ham, which is so nutritious and refreshing and typical of this area. Explore all the recipes that you can prepare with melon; simple and nutritious:

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