Melon chocolates

We all like to give ourselves a little treat to celebrate the week... This delicious and healthy chocolates lollipops are easy to make and very tasty... Its exquisite contrast of flavors is DELICIOUS... You're going to love it!



  • Piel de Sapo melon
  • 1 cup powdered chocolate
  • 1/2 glass of milk or plant-based drink
  • 1/2 glass coconut oil
  • 3 large tbsp of your preferred sweetener
  • Crunchy caramelised almonds
  • White chocolate

Step by step :

Cut the melon into any shape you fancy. Stripe
For the coating, mix the chocolate with the milk and sweetener. Add the oil and mix again. Stripe
Pour the coating over the melon until it is completely covered. Stripe
Optional: to add a crunchy touch, decorate with the caramelised almonds and white chocolate. Stripe
Melon chocolates

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