Pumpkin fritters

We are already in fritter season! Today we bring you a traditional recipe from 'la terreta', and especially for these dates. And for pumpkin fans… It's ideal for a snack, for lunch or for a sweet moment! Only three ingredients, without sugar, eggs or dairy, traditional Valencian recipe.



  • 1 kg roasted or boiled pumpkin
  • 375 g flour
  • ½ tablet of fresh yeast (12/13 g)

Step by step :

Roast or boil the pumpkin. In our case, we preferred to roast it. Once the pumpkin is roasted or boiled, mix it with the flour and yeast until it forms a consistent dough. Stripe
Heat up a fryer or a frying pan with plenty of oil to be able to fry the fritters and ensure they are covered. Stripe
Form the shape of the fritters (read tips below). Stripe
Fry the fritters for no more than 2 minutes. Let them rest on a plate covered with a napkin to absorb the remaining oil. You can add a topping of sugar to give them a sweeter touch. Stripe
Tips for forming the shape:
  • The easiest thing is to make them one by one and put them in the fryer or pan individually so that the shape with the hole is perfectly maintained.
  • You must have wet hands before forming the shape of each fritter so that they do not stick.
  • Make a ball with one hand and then when you place it in the other hand to add it to the fryer, make the hole with your fingers just before frying.
Pumpkin fritters

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