Melon flowers

Do you already have your starters planned for these holidays? These delicious MELON FLOWERS made by @eatingmood are the perfect recipe to start any Christmas meal. They are not only a delight for the palate but they are also visually stunning. The crunchy touch of the pine nuts are the crown for a top starter.



  • Melon
  • Serrano ham
  • Goat cheese
  • Pine nuts
  • Olive oil, salt, pepper

Step by step :

Cut the melon into slices with a mandolin. Stripe
Cover each melon sheet with a slice of ham and pieces of goat cheese on top. Stripe
Cover the previous filling with another melon sheet and roll up. Repeat the process as many times as flowers you want to get. Stripe
Sauté a handful of pine nuts in a pan and reserve. Stripe
On the other hand, mix a tablespoon of oil with a pinch of salt and pepper in a bowl and pour over the pine nuts. Stripe
Cover the flowers with the previous mixture and enjoy! Stripe
Melon flowers

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